Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines

    Wishing you all a love filled Valentines and a happy weekend!  But never the less I will leave you with some sweetness of my own!  Remember those homemade marshmallows a few posts back?  Well for all of you who like to sip on something warm and sweet.... I leave you with my hot chocolate on a stick. Inspired from a article on chocolate I can no longer seem to find, but remembering its coolness I had to make these.  These are dead easy and pretty much only require you to melt down some really good chocolate (I used 70% cocoa mass) and place in a mold and pop a stick in. Plus I couldn't resist on adding my left over vanilla-bean marshmallow's...  since there is nothing better then marshmallows to go with hot chocolate!

Just add hot milk and stir.