Monday, February 16, 2009

waiting for summer

   Hey guys and gals, hope you all had a great weekend!  Today was a holiday here for us and I think I spent most of it cleaning.  Our basement was trashed from the lazyness of not yet putting away the christmas's getting there.  These things take time and if you're not really in the mood, then you pretty much should just forget it and save it for another day!  I think I might just be making up excuses. haha
  I've decided that I can't wait for summer... or even at least spring!  When is the nice weather going to get here already!  Then I heard were going to get another snow storm this week! Great.
So only in wishful thinking and day dreams I will feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and walking along the beach.

   I'm in the mist of making a summer time pie. Maybe the taste of summer will bring some nice warm thoughts.  So until then I will leave you with these basking ladies and a pic from a trip in Fiji.  Chao