Friday, May 1, 2009

a little bit of the lake

    So in sense of sharing photo's other then food. I took a little trip down to the lake... I guess its not so much of a trip when the lake is quite close to our house, but in not seeming to go there often enough I could actually call it somewhat of a trip.   Heading out there with camera in hand I thought I wasn't going to get any really great shots... our little beach isn't something to be the proudest of, especially the car park that faces the main beach, only a sidewalk comes between the cars and sand.  So while being constantly  self conscious and a little cautious of automobile onlookers that don't dare step out of their cars and the small group of enthused motorcyclists straying off to the side, watching everyone walk along...I wasn't stopping to take any pics... is that a better part of the beach up ahead?
I won't complain, over all it is the beach... and the only one in town. 

happy weekend!