Wednesday, June 10, 2009

craving the classic

  Okay, so I was craving apple pie. Not only the taste and all the goodness that apple pie conjures up, but the smell. I just wanted to smell the holy goodness that only apples, cinnamon, and pastry can attempt... I know most of us are in the mists of summer and apple pie seems like such a wintery comfort, but  I seemingly just couldn't help myself.
I'm not going to post the recipe for this one since I'm sure you all have a old time favorite lurking in you're kitchen somewhere and on the other hand mine was a little bit of a flop. How you ask? Well lets just say I'm not an expert on making crust edges and mine decided to droop and creep around the pan.  I did follow Jamie Oliver's recipe for short crust pastry and it couldn't have been easier. I'm not going to blame Jamie for this one... it was a no fail crust that I managed to forget to put in the fridge to firm.  I think  eagerness got in the way.