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daring baker's choc covered marshmallow cookies

So here it finally is!  Sorry for my extremely tardy post for the challenge (I was having camera difficulties) but here they are in all their chocolate glory.  I love that we took a store bought cookie and made it into the goodness of homemade. These defiantly taste better then in the box! I was never a fan of the choc covered mallow cookies growing up and they still aren't nearly my favorite but these were simply fun to make.

Find the recipe here.
The July Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Nicole at Sweet Tooth. She gave us the choice of Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies or Milan Cookies from pastry chef Gale Gand of the Food Network.

some peachy finds

I thought I'd share with you a couple of thrift finds.  Just cause.  I found these on one of my quick journey's into value village, this pretty sweet tiffin tin is in roughly good shape (just a few dents) and these adorable little teal mugs.  Now, what to bake with these lovely peaches?

goods, just not of the sweet kind

Hi everyone!  Sorry I have no sweet goodies for you today.  But I do have these fine pieces of wonderment. In my probing attempts to create something new with my far and few other pieces of jewelry,  I was inspired by the recycled tee concept.  There is just so many countless things to do with bits of tee... so here are just two I've come up with so far... look up then down.
  I made these this weekend where watching bits of Simply Irresistible (cheesy foodie film, but I like it) and surfing the web that I realized my nerdy-ness was reaching an all time high... from stalking comic-con via web since Thursday to get the latest on New Moon, and perhaps some of it's cast members, AND I now have officially graced my laptop with 'Edward' wallpaper. I fear I may be sinking lower and lower. I won't lie and tell you I don't have a Vancouver/Forks trip planned at the end of the summer, because my twi-obsessed friend and I do!
  How did my recycle-craft post turn into a s…

the end of strawberry season

I really wanted to go strawberry picking this year but never quite made it.  I was a little sad, but this didn't stop me from fulfilling my strawberry based baking needs.  I kept seeing these rustic fruit tarts everywhere and really wanted to try my hands at one!  Very simple I must say, although I had a little problem with the ingredients... aka the sweet short crust pastry... apparently I wasn't throughly  following the instructions or maybe it was because I didn't read the recipe before hand... the flour was in pounds! Pounds?? My scale didn't have a pounds button?? Don't worry,  I know what pounds are... lets just say I had a little trouble converting it into cups!  But never-less  these were still pretty tasty and I do like how they look!
I suggest you use or find you're own sweet short-cut pastry I wont leave you with the confusing one I looked after. But the strawberry middle is easy enough: 2 pints strawberries 1 cup sugar Mix up and add for the filling …

more cupcakes

I thought I'd share with you some cupcakes I did for a wedding shower a while back.  Aren't they cute?  The whole shower was an orange and pink scheme! Very fun!

summer days

My friend and I spent the day in T.O. yesterday for some shopping and a much needed bead run on my part.  From walking are way around Toronto with the busy traffic sidewalks and garbage slung streets (the garbage men are on strike) and hot muggy weather it was a sort of unpleasant trip. We just felt gross, drained and in need of really really cold sparkling water. By then we had thought we had are fill of the random downtown crowd... then bang! Boobs...yes boobs (I'll say it twice) right there on Queen street!  Nudging my friend to turn her head and see what I thought I was seeing, clearly from the slowed down traffic (can I hear potential for accidents?) and whistling guys it was true, not that this is much of a big deal at all, but when did they start doing 'Naked News' (yup is was actually naked news) right in the middle of a busy street???
Anyway...  here's the recipe I promised for the melting moments (last post, if you're looking for a pic).  They were qui…

the blueberry muffin

I was in a muffin mood and craving the sort.  This was the first recipe I saw and knew I had some ripe blueberries in the fridge so I went ahead and the muffin making commenced.  
Let me just say, although these blueberry delights look as good as any other blueberry muffin would,  these were the worst muffin I ever tasted!! Er...maybe it was because I sort of forgot to add the sugar... oops, but even so this low-fat version just didn't cut it!
Anyone know of a great blueberry  muffin recipe? 
I did however make some pretty delicious melting moments... these turned out just fine!   I will post the recipe for these soon!