Sunday, July 26, 2009

goods, just not of the sweet kind

  Hi everyone!  Sorry I have no sweet goodies for you today.  But I do have these fine pieces of wonderment. In my probing attempts to create something new with my far and few other pieces of jewelry,  I was inspired by the recycled tee concept.  There is just so many countless things to do with bits of tee... so here are just two I've come up with so far... look up then down.

  I made these this weekend where watching bits of Simply Irresistible (cheesy foodie film, but I like it) and surfing the web that I realized my nerdy-ness was reaching an all time high... from stalking comic-con via web since Thursday to get the latest on New Moon, and perhaps some of it's cast members, AND I now have officially graced my laptop with 'Edward' wallpaper. I fear I may be sinking lower and lower. I won't lie and tell you I don't have a Vancouver/Forks trip planned at the end of the summer, because my twi-obsessed friend and I do!

  How did my recycle-craft post turn into a semi-twilight post? (Sorry for you non-twilighter's reading this, I had to get it out at some point. lol) I suggest for you're own good if you have a loved one who suffers the obsession that you read this.  Even if you're a hater you will get some serious laughs... seriously.