Saturday, September 5, 2009

bitten or to bite?

Yes, this may be another vampire-esque post, but to bad, I'm doing it anyway. This is ode to all you Eric, Bill, Edward and co. fans who I'm sure would love to take a bite out of these... or perhaps them?
No, really take a bite, these little guys are edible!
It was my friends b-day (yes that same fanpire friend) not to long ago and well I thought she would get a kick out of these. She did. What twilight vampire loving person wouldn't? They even sparkled!

She or should I say we have even come to the conclusion that the new Gap perfume Close smells of Edward (pathetic I know, haha) even in its ghostly white shimmery bottle it screams sparkly vampires. Oddly Close don't you think?

Have a happy long weekend all!

ps. I used red food gel for the bite marks on the cupcakes. These would also be really cool for halloween too!