Wednesday, September 2, 2009

foggy T.O and beef

  September screams fall, doesn't it? It's like summer is officially over, even know our weather is all summer right now... finally! I think everyone now is looking forward to fall. It's all about the cozy sweaters, comfy wrapped blankets, hot cups of tea and all things spice (preferably pumpkin).  Here I am writing about fall when what I have to show is some what of a summer dish.  But I couldn't help but share my quick delicious dinner delight (was that a tripple D?).  I just loved the colours!
mushroom and beef salad
1 bag of ready made salad mix
(I choose caesar, goes quite well with the beef)
sautéed buttered button mushrooms
grilled salt and pepper steak.
Here's a little of downtown Toronto and the Ex. 
took these photo's a while back, but thought I'd share.