Tuesday, October 6, 2009

easy peasy

One of the best ways to enjoy cinnamon is hot.. and perhaps with some creamy delicious chocolate ...lots, in a drink we all love.

cinnamon vanilla infused milk
1 1/2 - 2 cups milk
1 cinnamon stick (you can also use powder)
splash of real vanilla extract
chocolate bit
2 tsp cocoa powder per cup
2 tsp sugar per cup

bring milk to a simmer with the cinnamon stick (broken up) or just put in the cinnamon powder and vanilla until hot (sieve if you've used a stick). Then place in a milk frother or if you don't have one place in a Nalgene bottle or any other well-sealed bottle and give it a good shake (you WILL get frothy milk). Have your cocoa powder and sugar in the cups, add a little bit of milk to each cup to get the cocoa powder going, stir well (or put all together in the air tight bottle and give a few good shakes) then add the rest of the milk to top it up.
serves 2
recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's 'the best hot chocolate'