Sunday, October 4, 2009

where's the cinnamon?

   Hi everyone, I'm still here!  

    Yes this is another non-cinnamon post but I'm still trying to shrug off the last little bit of cold I seem to have... this thing will not budge!!  So what have I been doing then you ask?  Drinking lots of hot healthy tea and reading... a lot.  I've already gone threw two books this week and am surely almost finished the third.  I've decided that since no new episodes of TrueBlood were airing any time soon I figured I'd read my way threw it.  I fear I am now spiraling down into yet another vampire obsession. 

  I did have quite the busy weekend though, baking up some delicious little treats for a couple of cute twins for their first birthday.  Here's just one of the little cakes I did for the sesame street theme involving a certain furry red favorite and this little blue monster who sure likes snacks which involve cookies, and lots of em!