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Happy New Year!

New Year's Day, 1951: Audrey Hepburn looks up at billboards in the middle of Times Square, New York. Image from here.
Wanted to wish you all a happy new year, cause you never know what new beginnings it may bring! And I like to send a big thank you to all my readers, you guys are my inspiration and cheer!
Now, does everyone have a new years resolution? I'd tell you mine, but I'd bore you with it being ever so typical, especially when consuming of chocolate has/had been involved.

salted brownie truffles and merry christmas

Just a quite post to wish you all a festive day tomorrow and for you to take a peek at those salted brownie truffles I promised I'd post! You'll just have to wait for the recipe though, but I will tell you that these babies may look like a hard one... but oh no, they are quite easy peasy.
    I still haven't quite finished all my baking. I've got one more cake to go. I think I'm gonna try Martha's peppermint yule log for my family's Christmas dinner tomorrow and I'm doing little cornish hens for tonight's!
Also I must tell you, I'm addicted to polyvore. I cannot stop making outfits! I couldn't help but share! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!

right now...

It's very, very cold and were expecting a big dumping of snow tomorrow and well, I'm excited.
Did you all think I disappeared? I know, I've been gone for just a little bit, but I finally had time to fit in a post even though small it maybe, but I would like nothing more then to relax and watch christmas movies just now with a big cup of piping hot green tea. I've had just the busiest week. It's been a non-stop baking marathon at my house. I've done nothing more then bake sugar cookies, brownies, truffles, lemon bars, coconut chocolate butterscotch bars, shortbread bars, marshmallows, lolli-pop brownies, nut chocolate chip cookies, choc peppermint bark. Phew! Then well.... yep you guessed it, more cookies! There could be more, but I feel I may have forgot, but you get the idea right? Before Christmas falls, I will post a little delight I came up with this weekend. Salted brownie truffles anyone?
So are all of you prepared for the holidays? I feel my house might…

gift givers no. 3

Don't you just love these little drink mixes in cute little bottles? Whether your having a christmas get together where the guests get to pick there own mix (kinda fun don't ya think). Or just want to give a little something to a friend or co-worker, or maybe just a simple stocking stuffer, either goes.
I bought these in a package and I already had in my mind I would take them apart and give them away separately.  So then I opened the package and realized no one would know what flavors there were.  Ah oh, these little mixers had no labels.  Of course then I made my own extremely simple ones with the mix on the back and a little drawing on the front to let my gift receivers know they were either getting a martini or a margarita mix.
Also, for some strange reason... I can't get the Mr. Gadget theme song out of my head!
Have a great weekend all! I'll be spending mine either by the stove baking a crazy amount of treats or under the covers watching old  movies, trying to ke…

gift givers no. 2

So I've been dying to make my own hot chocolate mix for a while now. I went out bought all the ingredients, found a basic recipe, even if I found the basics I knew I could tweak, make a cool package for it, and send it away as gifts.
But then I had to test it.... (Yes testing is crucial when trying out a new recipe, especially when giving it to someone else. Who wouldn't want to test out hot chocolate anyway? It's chocolate!) But this is where I was thinking that it did not live up to my expectations... so I added a few more things/more of this and that to achieve deliciousness.
Mexican Hot Chocolate find the basic recipe here then add more cocoa 1/4 tsp cayenne or chilli powder ( I added too much, which made this hot hot chocolate) 100 g of dark chocolate (shredded or cut up finely) 1 tbsp vanilla powder (if you can find any, I couldn't) 1 tsp cinnamon Mix all ingredients together and store in air tight jars, or bag em up pretty. Add three tbsp of mixture to one regular siz…

gingerbread snowflakes and ribbon

Hi guys, just doing a quick post before I head into work. Yes, I know... work on a sunday... gross.
Anyhow every year our work raises funds to help a local family in need over the holidays. So last night I decided to do a batch of gingerbread snowflakes on ribbon to sell. Wether they will want to eat them or hang them on a tree or perhaps both... just not in that order, of course. I hope they will enjoy them!
Don't tell anyone but I've been slacking on my presents... I do have my gift jars, but then I have everything else! I did buy some lovely ribbon to decorate with, as you can see, and I can't wait to use it!
Have a happy Sunday!
How cute is this print from this fantastic esty artisian? I couldn't help but giggle.

simple gift givers

Remember those jars I picked up a while back? Well I got a lot of great comments back on what to do with them, since I was stuck with ideas. Now, I did have that idea to make a little spa kit, well little thejar was. Let's just say the contents I picked up were a wee bit too big. I do have some more jar gifts up my sleeve, since I couldn't settle on just one... and because now that I've started I can't seem to stop...but here a the few so far.

1. Chilli Salt What foodie friend wouldn't want this? 350g of course sea salt 6 dried red chillies reserve 50g of the salt, place the rest of the salt and chillies in a food processor and whiz for about 45 seconds. Add the remaining 50g of salt and place in a favorite jar or little gift pack.
2. Bath Fizzies ViaMartha Stewart. (Mine turned out little rustic... just don't add to much water like I did, they will react before there time, if you give these a go.)
3. Christmas Blend (No, not the StarBucks kind.) G…