Friday, December 11, 2009

gift givers no. 3

   Don't you just love these little drink mixes in cute little bottles? Whether your having a christmas get together where the guests get to pick there own mix (kinda fun don't ya think). Or just want to give a little something to a friend or co-worker, or maybe just a simple stocking stuffer, either goes.

    I bought these in a package and I already had in my mind I would take them apart and give them away separately.  So then I opened the package and realized no one would know what flavors there were.  Ah oh, these little mixers had no labels.  Of course then I made my own extremely simple ones with the mix on the back and a little drawing on the front to let my gift receivers know they were either getting a martini or a margarita mix.

  Also, for some strange reason... I can't get the Mr. Gadget theme song out of my head!

Have a great weekend all! I'll be spending mine either by the stove baking a crazy amount of treats or under the covers watching old  movies, trying to keep warm.