Sunday, December 20, 2009

right now...

It's very, very cold and were expecting a big dumping of snow tomorrow and well, I'm excited.

Did you all think I disappeared? I know, I've been gone for just a little bit, but I finally had time to fit in a post even though small it maybe, but I would like nothing more then to relax and watch christmas movies just now with a big cup of piping hot green tea.
I've had just the busiest week. It's been a non-stop baking marathon at my house. I've done nothing more then bake sugar cookies, brownies, truffles, lemon bars, coconut chocolate butterscotch bars, shortbread bars, marshmallows, lolli-pop brownies, nut chocolate chip cookies, choc peppermint bark. Phew! Then well.... yep you guessed it, more cookies! There could be more, but I feel I may have forgot, but you get the idea right?
Before Christmas falls, I will post a little delight I came up with this weekend. Salted brownie truffles anyone?

So are all of you prepared for the holidays? I feel my house might be lacking in the spirt, as for its a little more messy then merry at the moment.