Saturday, January 2, 2010

drive by shooting

No, not that kind of shooting! Can I tell you how much I would have loved to get out of the car today and take some photo's, especially when I was out and about around here! Well this is Canada and Canada is well... friggin cold! This day in-particular was extremely cold, that dry, windy bitter cold.

So I stayed in the car and these are the photo's that formed.
I can't wait to share my next post. I've been busy in the kitchen this morning making rhubarb scones and clementine curd. You guys have not lived until you've tasted this curd, it is just utterly amazing!

Did everyone have a great holiday?

P.S. I decided to take part in project 365. Have any of you heard about it? A picture a day for a whole year... this is going to be interesting. You can find me with my photo's for project 365 here.