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Showing posts from May, 2010

fresh pickin's

I cannot wait to start picking fresh berries this summer! I missed out last year and I was pretty sad about that, but there's no way this year that' s gonna happen. I'm too excited!
P.S. I baked. I will get on sharing that very soon!

fresh Veg

Right now... I can't get enough of fresh market veg. The colours the flavors, they make me happy, especially in roasted form, and they are oh so healthy! Anyone got a favorite vegetable you are enjoying this season? I'd love to hear. Right now mine is the yellow beet, tastes the same and no pink fingers!
Sorry I've been MIA lately, life's gotten so busy and I haven't even been able to visit the blogsphere as much either. I miss it. I hope to get back on track soon and show all of you the wonders I've been meaning to post.
Hope you all have a super great long weekend! Anyone going away? Camping maybe?

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all the mother's out there a truly happy Mother's day! I baked my mom these mini carrot cupcakes with the most delicious pink lemon frosting which I know she will absolutely love, and for tonight we will be having a spa night and watching movies. Can't wait!