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No baked goods... again.

Just bring you a few random photo's I've taken recently to satisfy the baking lull that's been going on on this blog lately. By golly I just haven't baked much in the last little bit. I miss it. I think an excuse of the never ending heat is to blame. I hope to post something super yummy very soon. So for now, I leave you with a few photo's and hope you are all having a super summer! (Don't you just love my new chalk board wall?)

best bits of summer (in pictures)

Ice cold drinks, sandy beach adventures, fresh market picks, glorious pink/orange sunsets, sitting in the grass getting lost in a book, picking wild flowers and cooling off with none other then an a much needed ice cream treat... there's nothing better.
have a fab weekend all!

red velvet cupcakes and Canada day!

Could this red and white dessert be any sweeter for Canada day? I think not.