Thursday, October 28, 2010

french onion soup

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted much. So much for promising to post more. I'm gonna try harder. I really will! I already have another post lined up showcasing some very delicious salted chocolate honey mini tartes which are quite worthy.

Now, when you keep seeing something everywhere, it's more then likely you'll start to want it. Like this soup. I was seeing pictures of this thing for days, people were making it or either craving it at work and then Jamie Oliver was making it on one of his television programs. Jamie can be persuasive like that, making it look easy and well pretty damn delicious. So right there I told myself it was time to temp myself and crack out a pot of this stuff.

So I did just that.
Ten minutes later I had all the ingredients then spent another fifteen crying those stinging tears that only chopping onions can bring. Fun times.
Luckily an hour later I was finally sitting down with a hot cheesy bowl of french/english onion soup. I say french/english because it's a odd mix of a french onion soup recipe I looked up in one of my cookbooks and Jamie's english onion soup that I had just previously watched. I'll spare you my take only because frankly I made it up as I went along. But here's Mr. Oliver's recipe if you feel you might have a craving.