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You Get to Decide!

No Vision for Public Education

Guns and the GOP

Why We Hate the UFT and the Unity Party: They're SELLOUTS!

The 13th Day of Christmas with Food Allergies

Does having food allergies in the family make you bitter?

I'm digging really deep for gratefulness this year. I have no problem when it comes to my nuclear family. I am so grateful for the gift of my husband and children, and for this time over the Christmas holidays to see at least a little of them.

But I also feel that, every year around this time, I need to get away from the getaway because my extended family can be so frickin' NUTS.

The thing is, I don't even have it as bad as most of you. One side of my family is just great about the allergies. My own sister and mother are fantastic. But my brother and sister-in-law don't believe in the allergies, so they (subtly) don't support them.

This year, when I asked about ingredients and what they were serving, my brother aggressively declared that he "pretty much" knew what my son could eat so I didn't need to check everything. But then, inevitably, came the email: "can he have soy protein isolate?"…

Cram Them, Jam Them, Ram Them, and Slam Those Tests Down Faster and Harder!

Student Blog about Hampden Event 2012

I have been volunteering with Easy Ayrshire Alzheimer Scotland since September and as part of that I have been involved in their football reminiscence group in Kilmarnock. Through going to these monthly groups I have met some wonderfully interesting men and their wives. When the session starts I find that there is a transformation in the men, they are not just a person with a diagnosis of a dementia at a group but a football fan debating with their peers about the best players, their favourite teams and the best goals. I find it amazing that something like football can bring together a group of people and evoke such passionate memories of the game they loved growing up and still love now. When we took the group to the second day of the memories fc conference at Hampden you could see the spark in their eye as they walked round the museum seeing the players they watched from the stalls and the team strips they respected so much. We had the pleasure of having a former player who is …

Beautiful SAGE Photo Story!

This summer we were contacted by an amazing local high school student, Hannah.  She's a local photographer who had learned about SAGE by participating in the Parks and Recreation's Youth Volunteer Corps program a few years ago.  Hannah wanted to use her artistic talent to share with folks the story of SAGE produce; where it grows and where it goes.

Check out her photos and story here:

Hannah also does wedding photography, senior photos, family portraits, etc.

Thanks Hannah for helping share SAGE's story in such a beautiful way!

Money, Money, and Evern More Money

Meet Yout Education Policy Makers . . .

They're Creepy and They're Kooky, They're Really Kind of Spooky

Robert Rendo gives free and permanent license to anyone who wishes to use his images in their literature, tweets, websites, blogs, etc. to fight the corporate education reform agenda and to restore public education as a public trust to parents, educators and cognitive scientists who are maintaining the same fight. While Robert Rendo holds copyright, he encourages everyone to use the free permanent license to utilize images as advocacy. The sole condition for usage is that the name "Robert Rendo" is credited for the illustration. This notice of free licensure can be used as well and is equally encouraged. If image obtainment is a problem for the reader, please e-mail Robert Rendo at, and he will e-mail the illustration in any file format the user requests.

Treasure Me! Don't Measure Me!

Special Education Reform Is Not So Special!

Now You Have Other Things to Think About!

Walmart and Education?

Don't Bother Reflecting Upon Your Practice When You Have Other Things to Think About . . .

One Little APPR Point

The Absent Voice of the Vulnerable