Thursday, June 14, 2012

Introducing GG&C New Homeless Mental Health Service

Following GG&C NHS review of Homelessness Health services the  Homeless Mental Health Team will work with people with both severe and enduring and mild to moderate mental health problems.  The team is a merge of the previous Homeless Mental Health and Primary Care Mental Health Teams and will be in place from the 2nd July.

Referral criteria are as follows:
  1. Currently homeless: rough sleeping; destitute; in emergency accommodation; in Bed & Breakfast accommodation; in short term accommodation; in temporary furnished flat for less than 3 months; or have a history of repeat homelessness and complex needs
  1. Person aged 16 or over
  1. Person with known or suspected mental illness
   Person with mild to moderate mental health problem

Contact details:
Shivali Fifield
Homelessness Service Manager
Homelessness Health and Resources Services
55 Hunter St
G4 0UP

0141 553 2801