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Stand Back, Everyone - Food Allergies Are Being Polarized!

I should have put two and two together. I should have thought about the possibility. After all, there have been hints...and portents.


It all makes perfect sense now. 

Surely you've heard of polarization! It's going on all around you! No? Think back in time...time...time...

Global warming. 20 years ago, it was just, well, science. We knew it was happening, that it was bad and that we'd have to change, or figure out a technical solution, or both.


Once that polarizing ray hit it, one's stand on global warming didn't have anything at all to do with the science. Instead, what you believed came down to what you wanted to believe.

George Zimmerman*@ZAP!$% The debt ceiling. *@ZAP!$%  Gay marriage.  *@ZAP!$%

All polarized.

Do a search on the words "polarized issue" and you'll see what I mean. EVERYTHING is BEING polarized these days!

I never thought it could happen. I never thought a medical condition could fall under the bright beam. And yet...the signs are all there.
  • A recent Thomson/Reuters health poll showed that 49% of households believe that food allergy fears are blown out of proportion. Populace divided 50/50%. Check.
After the Mylan ad fiasco, there was a flurry of cries from our community for "More Education!" In post after post, many people said things like:

- They just don't understand that allergies can kill!
- We have to do a better job of educating the world at large! 
- Just show them the Sabrina Shannon video! 

It's too late. The polarizing rays have reached food allergies and there's no going back. Education only makes 'em meaner.

Save yourselves! 


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