Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Food Allergy Bitch: Top 10 Posts Index

Your Favorites: 

1. Hello, Muddah
A food-allergy version of the classic camp song involving schools, Cupcake Queens and social posturing.

2. The Ethics of Converting Allergy Slacker Moms
About the Mylan "let them eat cake" ad and the necessity to get all moms to carry an Epi-Pen.

3. Weed the Peanut Kids Out of the Gene Pool
Why people who make horrible comments about food allergy kids need to start seeing food allergies as a warning for all of us.

4. Exclusion, Accommodation, Inclusion: Three Choices
Sure, our schools may "accommodate" our children. But is that really the same as fully including them? This post includes a matrix of typical school activities and the options for schools.

5. Competitive Parenting And Blue-Ribbon RAST Scores
Is a high RAST score the same as a serious allergy? What do RAST scores even mean? (And do we really use them to compete against other mothers and "prove" our child is more allergic?)

6. Why Cupcakes Trump Children
What in the world is going through the heads of these Cupcake Queens to value treats at the school party more than children? Here's a psychological dissection of the errors between their ears.

7. A Letter to The Mom Whose Son Just Died
The food-allergy community uses the deaths of kids to motivate others to do what we need them to do. But do we owe privacy to parents who didn't choose advocacy? 

8. The 5 Stages of Parenting a Food-Allergic Child
Every parent hopes their child will outgrow their allergies, and when they don't...the crash into anger and despair happens. The emotional stages we go through as our allergic children age.

9. Food Allergy Deaths At School: The 10 Commandments
A child dies at school from a food allergy. Have you ever wondered what happens after? This post looks at what the schools involved in these tragedies did to make future kids safer. Shouldn't your school learn from them?

10. A Peanut Allergy Cure Has Been Discovered!
No, it's not today's headline. But it probably will be...someday soon. However, most of the treatments currently being explored require some risk and discomfort, something our community does not typically embrace. Will you have the courage to consider a cure if it's offered to you?

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