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Meals on Wheels: A Piloted Partnership

Meals on Wheels -- I recently learned -- is a network of over 5,000 feeding programs that daily delivers 1 million ready-to-eat meals to seniors and those with disabilities.  Now we're partnering with our local chapter and helping evolve the model.  Not only are participants receiving ready-to-eat food, some are receiving fresh food from SAGE.

This fall we piloted a program with 15 Meals on Wheels participants who received a small array of produce each week.  Sort of a smaller scale CSA.  I tried to offer seniors a good variety of foods that are easy to prepare, store well and are relatively familiar.  After 5 weeks of deliveries, here are some comments from happy participants....

"I have so appreciated all the fresh produce you have given me.  Somehow, it seems to taste much better than store bought produce.  I truly think that this is because it shows how caring you are about the elderly and/or disabled people.  So, with all sincerity, thank you."

"I thank you so ve…

GCU Students win poster competition at ENTER Conference

Hazel & Lizzie pictured with Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Scotland Associate Director Ellen Hudson.
GCU Mental Health Nursing students represented by Lizzie Burns & Hazel Thompson were rewarded with First Prize in the poster exhibition today at the ENTER Conference at Stirling University. The conference Showcased the range of nursing educational developments and research being conducted across Scotland and discussed how educators and practitioners could best integrate educational developments and research into practice. How the voting went.
Well done Lizzie and Hazel!

GCU Mental Health Nursing Society Fundraisng

Mental Health Nursing Society student fundraisers continue their fundraisning efforts and are pleased to report that their efforts including a Pub Quiz last night have topped their target for Alzheimer's Scotland's Football Reminiscence Hub at Hampden Park. The committee wish to thank all who  attended last night to show your support. Sad to say the Lecturer team (The Hannibal Lecturers) won the quiz!! That's a surprise. Reports say it was a thoroughly enjoyable night. Fundraising continues for the next week and the students will hand over the cheque at the Memories FC football reminiscence event at Hampden event on the 30th November.

Calico Corn

It is pouring today.  Not just the normal Oregon drizzle, but full on sheets of precipitation pounding down from the sky.  Well, I guess November had to arrive at some point....

As I soggily trod around the garden this morning harvesting brassicas and loading up my bike panniers with winter squash and potatoes for the OSU Food Pantry, I was thinking how different the garden looks from not even a month ago.  Then, we still had tomatoes in the field, giant pumpkins to fill kids with glee and corn standing tall.  Now, most of those things went to people's bellies and the remaining plant matter is composting. I say most though, because we still have some popcorn that has been drying.  Our popcorn this year was beautiful.....9 or 10 feet tall (perfect for the corn maze!), colorful and delicious.  Popcorn doesn't take anymore garden work than normal corn (and sometimes less) and is a great thing to grow for a healthy, high fiber treat.  The thing about growing your own though is it d…

Zumba & Bucket Collection by GCU Mental Health Nursing Students Raises Funds for Alzheimer Scotland

Mental Health Nursing Students are well on their way to the target of £500 for Alzheimer Scotland. Their zumba party is to be followed by a quiz night at Walkabout on 20th November at 7.30pm. For more details contact Well done so far everyone!

Work Party Season Wrap Up

Last Tuesday was our final Tuesday evening work party of the season.  Just in time too with daylight savings shortening the hours of evening light!  A BIG thanks to the dedicated crew who came out to do one final weeding in the the mild evening and enjoy the harvesting of winter squash.  Sharing the evening with you all was really a wonderful way to conclude a season of work parties.  We have now have boxes full of winter squash to distribute throughout the winter.  The day after the work party, a delivery volunteer was able to take 140+ lbs of pumpkins to the food bank to give out for Halloween.  

Now we're coasting for a bit.  Doing a lot of planning and more time in the office.  There is the harvesting of hardy greens (oh kale, how splendid you are!) and the chasing of ducks away from our spread cover crop seeds (I'm not very good at this as the ducks aren't afraid of much -- especially not a small blonde woman -- after a summer of being chased by kids and dogs), but ov…