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When Worlds Collide: Introverted Mom/Food-Allergic Kid

I know this is going to seem crazy to a lot of you, but the supermarket deli really stresses me out.

I'm a pretty extreme introvert. I would be very happy puttering around the house by myself and never going to social events at all. For years, I worked a corporate job and found that I had to "gear up" every morning. It isn't that I don't like people. It's just that too much "people" exhausts the heck out of me and confrontation sends me back into my shell like nothing else.

So...back to the deli. We have a great deli at our local supermarket with lots of safe choices for my son. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which choices are safe from visit to visit. I'm also just paranoid enough about all this stuff, having been burned in the past, that I really want to see that label.

There's a line of people three deep at the counter. Thirty-EIGHT...thirty-NINE...FORTY?

I'm forty. "Hi. I'm really sorry about this, but can you please show me t…

Nursing award for GCU Mental Health team

The Glasgow Caledonian University Mental Health team has been recognised for its innovative teaching.

The team won the award for Practice Innovation and Excellence in Mental Health Nursing for the education category of the Mental Health Nursing Forum Scotland Awards.

Lecturer Margaret Caldwell said: “We are delighted to receive this award and were particularly commended by the panel for our service user and practitioner involvement.”

Call for Coops!

Kicked to the Curb

illustration by Robert Rendo

(click image to enlarge)

Dear Readers . . .

Dear Fellow Educators, Students, and Parents, 
I hope this note finds you well.

I just wanted to drop in to say hello and hope that you are all enjoying, but more importantly, being provoked by the content this website has to offer. 
I also wanted to deliver a friendly reminder, in solidarity, that you are free to lift any image from this website and use in your own advocacy material as you maintain your fight against corporate reform and privatizing public education. While I hold copyright, I am granting you a free license to use all images on this site, with the only condition that you credit the name "Robert Rendo" for the illustration. 
Usage includes but is not limited to hardcopy materials, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Pinterest, blogs, YouTube, websites, newsletters, media presentations for public speaking, and periodicals, etc. Like Diane Ravitch and literally millions of others nationwide, anyone who believes in preserving education as a public trust may…


The First Big SLIT Trial Just Ended...

...and the results are...interesting.

For those of you who are not obsessed with the current smorgasbord of clinical trials underway, SLIT stands for sub-lingual immunotherapy. The therapy has been used successfully in Europe for many years to treat environmental allergies. It's been used more sporadically and with less certain results to treat food allergies. I know of at least one clinic in the United States that has been administering SLIT for several decades.

The question has been...does it really work? Other trials have shown mixed results. (I wrote an article on this back in July if you're really interested.) This most recent study was a more comprehensive approach involving 40 kids, sponsored by the National Institute of Health and held at several locations.

Kids who participated were given either placebo or drops containing peanut protein. About a third of the kids in the peanut drop group experienced an itchy mouth or throat, but only a few had symptoms more severe than …