Thursday, January 17, 2013

Partners in Crime

illustration by Robert Rendo

(click image to enlarge)

NOTE: Readers, feel free to lift any image from this website and use in your own advocacy material as you maintain your fight against corporate reform and privatizing public education. While I hold copyright, I am granting you a free license to use all images on this site, with the only condition that you credit the name "Robert Rendo" for the illustration. Usage includes but is not limited to hardcopy materials, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Pinterest, blogs, YouTube, websites, newsletters, media presentations for public speaking, and periodicals, etc. Anyone who believes, as Diane Ravitch and others do, in preserving education as a public trust, may use my images FREE. . . everyone from the most off-the-grid vanity blog writers to columnists of major mainstream national publications. It is my sincere hope that we use imagery as one of many strategies to tell about how wrong and misguided the whole reform movement is in public education. 

-Robert Rendo, publisher