Friday, February 22, 2013

Abby's Poem to Tommy Whitelaw

Tommy are you listening, i cant say i understand, 
But i am here, and i am willing, 
so penny for your thoughts?
C'mon Tommy, pick yourself up theres no time for feeling down, 
Your doin ok, and you shouldn't worry, 
Your doing your ol' ma proud.
The small things your doin everyday, 
are brining hope to peoples lives, 
so when your feeling down and in doubt, 
just keep that in your mind

The things that you's faced, all on your own
Send a shiver right up my spine, 
And i gotta tell you one more time, 
Mate, your doing fine.
You told us stories about your ma, 
And God she sounds like a doll, 
A hardworking lady who loved her kids, 
And was madly deeply in love.

Tommy i know cause you told us so, 
The way the story goes, 
The newspaper clippings and scribbled writings, 
To remind her who she was.
That hardworking lady cant remember a thing, 
even the man she loved so true, 
But no 'what ifs' Tommy cause your ol' ma, 
is living and shinning through you.

We have let you down, and your ma, 
and that makes me hell of a sad, 
But Tommy you have spoken to me, 
And i will do all i can.

Tommy your the voice, for all those like you, 
who have also been let down, 
A voice of justice, a voice of reason, 
That together can shout so loud.
You struck a chord in me that day, 
And inspired me in so many ways, 
Don't let the b#####ds get you down Tommy, 
Cause i promise your doing great.
That wedding dress that Joan made, 
Oh Tommy it was a beauty!
so you get out there
And never give up, 
And share with the world, 
Joan and Your Story!