Friday, February 22, 2013

Tommy Whitelaw Talks to 1st & 3rd Year Mental Health Students

Student tweets in response:
Listening to  in a seminar.Hard hitting real life story about carers&their families. Puts things into perspective.

@tommyNtour crying at your talk. Sad but inspirational !

Your story was heartbreaking & inspiring! @tommyNtour Relate 2 u in many ways as carer at home! carers need a voice like u!#gcucarersvoice

@GCUMentalHealth @tommyNtour Had a seminar this morning that I feel will change the course and attitude of our students forever.

What ive learnt today is that its time to step up our game as students. We affect real people & its up to us how we do that. #gcucarersvoice

@tommyNtour absolute inspiration, such a heartbreaking story told so eloquently. you should be so proud of your work and am sure Joan is too