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Pulling the Plug

conceived and written by Judy Rabin of "Schools Matter" illustration by Robert Rendo

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The Very Hungry Food-Allergic Caterpillar

My gangly teen caterpillar hatched out of his egg a l-o-n-g time ago. But he's still hungry!

On Monday, he ate through one muffin baked using real milk and butter.

On Tuesday, he ate through yeast coffee cake (butter, milk, yum!).

On Wednesday, he ate some of a Stouffer's spinach souffle.

On Thursday, he actually ate a store-bought Sara Lee pound cake. (Went back for seconds on that one!)

On FRIDAY, he ate...7 1/2 edamame.

OK, everything was not as straightforward as a children's book, but my son has been really pushing the limits of his baked-milk tolerance over the last couple of weeks (especially over spring break) to see just where he's at. The great news is that he's doing AMAZINGLY well tolerating everything we've been giving him.

Today (Friday) was his soybean food challenge, which he passed with flying colors! The grand total after two hours was 7 1/2 soybeans, with nary an itch, cough or stomach hiccup. (He's actually even back in school for his last clas…