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New Feathery Friends at SAGE!

This season we were lucky enough to be blessed with a couple of black Australorp hens to occupy the the gorgeous SAGE coop.  These ladies are learning to be more bold when children throw in food for them and are enjoying romping around eating the tall growing weeds, examining piles of picked weeds and of course, scratching the amazing soil in search of critters!  They've provided some delicious brown eggs for volunteers and they provided some delightful experiences for visiting children.  If you're interested in meeting the ladies, come on out to a Tuesday evening work party (all welcome every Tuesday from 4 - 6:30) or attend the upcoming "Chicken Health" Workshop this Sunday at SAGE with Dr. Vickstrom of West Hills Animal Hospital.

Thanks Karessa (our amazing beekeeper) for the hens and thank you again to WillyDWonka Coops  out of Sweet Home for the amazing coop!!!

3rd Year GCU Mental Health Nursing Student Tom enters the Dragons’ Den and wins!

Dispatches From the Food Allergy Jungle

Hello. I know it's been a while since I've written. But it can be tough to get messages out from the Back of Food Allergy Beyond. The message traffic seems to only go one direction with food allergies. We feel very alone and isolated out here. But, I've been writing down our thoughts and experiences in a diary over the last few months, and will share some of those now with you.

From Day 14

Read today (after the fact) about another March food allergy death and saw a response from a noted allergist, someone I really respect. Her message was "why is it so hard to understand that FOOD ALLERGY KILLS?"

It almost broke me. I wondered again what we're doing out here, on the fringes, feeding our child these foods. We're off on this new tributary and there's just no support or shared experience on this particular river.

Does every allergy in every child really need to be treated the same? Where's the advice and support for outgrowing an allergy? For experimenta…

Val Howatson Co-Presents at 2nd Scottish Mental Health Nursing Research Conference - Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Val was co-presenting with with Gwenne McIntosh (Napier University);  M. McCraig (UWS) & L. McNay (UWS) their paper titled: The HEI-R: a potential tool for developing Recovery Focussed Practice in HEI’s?
The aim of this presentation was to highlight the work of the HEI Scottish User and Carer Involvement group. The group have been working in partnership with SRN to develop a tool which could enable Higher Education Institute’s (HEIs) to audit and develop their practices in terms of promoting a recovery based approach to mental health education.
This abstract was linked to the topic of “Workplace” at the conference as it is proposed that through the development of this tool there would be opportunities to model best practice and be seen as part of the ‘recovery jigsaw’ that includes universities, service providers, service users, carers, students, and the wider public.  Their paper proposed that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) need to audit and further develop their practices in…

Student Poster Presented at 2nd Scottish Mental Health Nursing Research Conference

We are delighted that GCU Mental Health students Lizzie Burns and Hazel Thomson represented students at the recent Mental Health Nursing Research Conference at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Members of the Mental Health Nursing teaching team supported the students and attended the conference. The students presented their poster /paper  titled: Recovery Rollercoaster.

Getting Slammed

Getting Slammed:  The Six Easiest, Breeziest Steps

Think you're so separated from getting slammed in this reform movement?
Forget about 6 degrees of separation. 
Instead, follow these 6 ILLUSTRATED steps that Privatizers, Race to the Top, APPR, and even the AFT have carefully prepared for you.  
These 6 steps are an easy, breezy approach from President Obama, Arne Duncan, and so many other reformers who, thank God, have made it effortless for education to seek a one-size-fits-all standardization as a panacea for student poverty. 
To read this entire narrative procedure, simply keep on reading and scrolling down until the end of Step 6.   
(Brought to you by Robert Rendo, a Nationally Board Certified Teacher who can't stop drawing and won't shut up.)

Workshop Season!

Our community is full of people willing to share their knowledge and expertise about all sorts of different topics and we're lucky to have these people lead workshops out at SAGE!  Click HERE to see (and register for) our full list of workshops.  Keep checking back with us as more workshops will be added throughout the season!

Just this weekend we had Ryan, from the local company Soul 2 Grow, lead a "Mushroom Cultivation" workshop. Participants got first hand experience putting in an Elm Oyster Mushroom bed at SAGE.  After putting in the bed, learning mushroom facts and how to care for mushrooms, participants received their own elm oyster mushroom spawn to take home and get started.  Apparently elm oyster mushrooms can get to be the size of dinner plates...excited to see how they grow!

Next up on our work shop list is a Beginning Beekeeping Workshop on Saturday, May 18th. Karessa, our amazing beekeeper and one of the owners of Nectar Bee Supply, will be leading the course …