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GCU Mental Health Nursing Student Lisa Pollock awarded a place in the National Junior Leadership Academy

"Buzz About Benton" Hive Tour Happening THIS Sunday!

Heard the buzz?   The "Buzz About Benton" Self-guided Backyard Bee Hive Tour  is THIS Sunday, June 30th, 12 - 4pm
Learn about why pollinators are so pivotal and how you can raise some at your own home (or at least make your own home safe for pollinators).  Nine different sites will be featured from backyard set ups, hives on farms, commercial operations and a learning center.  Tour headquarters will be at SAGE where you can buy a ticket, pick up the tour map and peruse bee related merchandise OR save a couple bucks by buying tickets early HERE.

By signing up online, you can register for a free get up close and personal demo of a working hive (don't worry an expert from Nectar Bee Supply will be guiding this part of the day) and we'll have bee veils/hats available for folks to wear.

With the weather looking to be warm, come beat the heat with the after party at down on the waterfront at Downward Dog.  They'll be featuring drinks made from Nectar Bee Supply honey or enj…
Its been a while again hasn't it? Yeah, it has.  Sorry about that.  I am going to have to be short and sweet with this post but I thought I'd share a lactose free campaign I participated in with Natrel. They teamed up with a bunch of Canadian food bloggers to help create some super yummy lactose free recipes.  Check them out here, and here's mine below.

French toast with orange zest & maple whipped cream (lactose free)
4 slices good crusty bread 4 eggs ½ cup lactose free milk zest and juice of 1 orange 1 tbsp honey ¼ tsp cinnamon pinch of  sea salt ¼ cup toasted walnuts 2 tbsp coconut oil
Maple whipped cream
1 cup lactose free whipping cream ¼ cup real maple syrup
In an electric mixer beat the cream and maple syrup until soft peeks form.
For the French toast: In a shallow dish mix eggs, milk, honey, cinnamon, orange zest and juice and whisk until well combined. Dip each slice of bread, both sides into the egg batter mixture and let set for 2 minutes each side. Melt the coco…

Scottish Delirium Association: Delirium Pathway Posters

Please see below the 2 posters on the delirium pathway. Please feel free to comment on these posters.